Qi Gong Series II : Awaken your vital life force

Reclaim the dormant energy within you & start today by learning how to practise Qi Gong

qi gong series ii - 4 week course

with Tracie Storey

Remember you are the creator of your universe and in each and every day we have the opportunity to make a difference to our daily lives. The Qi Gong postures increase the supply and flow of vital energy throughout the body, inducing calm, mental and emotional states with a variety of rejuvenating effects. The ancient Taoists believed Qi Gong increases longevity. Many of us put a lot of our life force into earning money but if your vital energy is depleted, we are often more prone to illness.

In the Elemental Resonance Qi Gong Series II classes, we will follow on from the foundation work that we started in Series I. Continuing to activate our key energy portals, building and expanding our connection to the Qi to our meridians, organs by bringing more life into our energy systems.

Connect and align with the blossoming energy of Spring, by activating your energies and empowering your physical system into a more vital state of being.

The classes work on a system called the Tao Yin Fa Series inspired by Fabien Maman, which uses a combination of Sound, Colour and Movement. Working to empower the Chi of the organs by stretching the twelve acupuncture meridians. Each class includes breath work and mudras, as well as the synthesis of colour, movement and sound which wakes up and redirects Chi within the body.
When we work with Chi and feel its energy running through our physical and subtle bodies, we know from experience the substance of the Universe. We realize that this spirit flows through us physically and permanently. As we develop our own energy, we form a link to the greater parts of ourselves.

Saturdays 12.15pm - 1.30pm

Upcoming courses on Saturdays:

9th - 30th November

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