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Transforming Healthcare Through Yoga:

Are you looking to begin your own yoga or therapy practice in the National Health System (NHS), or improve your provision of healthcare services? Would you like to know how the seeds are being sown here in the UK, to take yoga into the NHS, so you can begin doing so in the healthcare system of your own country? Are you looking for the global view on these subjects, with world leading experts from India, the USA and the UK collaborating together on this important topic for the first time?

In February 2019 a turnkey event is happening in London, at the University Of Westminster, which is now SOLD OUT.

Gathering together for the first time, key opinion leaders and pioneers in yoga, health care, yoga research, health policy, and government will address how we can help transform the NHS, and other modern healthcare systems, through the integration of yoga.

The practice of yoga has always been devoted to the joint cultivation of mental and physical health. Thousands of years of practice and a strong emerging body of evidence all indicate that people who practice yoga are healthier, happier, and better able to manage pre-existing health conditions. At a time when we are faced with unprecedented levels of preventable lifestyle diseases, and tragic levels of health inequality, the NHS and health care systems around the world are searching for low-cost ways to empower people towards better self care. Increasingly, they are looking towards yoga.

In the UK, The NICE guidelines already recommend yoga for lower back pain, the multi-million pound Staff Wellbeing Scheme includes yoga, and yoga is now offered through social prescribing. We are at the vanguard and at YIHA2019 we will map how yoga can become an integral part of the NHS.

In the aftermath of the conference we will carefully select and edit the key pieces of knowledge, data and expertise form the keynote talks and presentations and produce them for online viewing.

Here are the presenters who will be filmed and their talk details:

Dr Michael Dixon

Dr Nagendra

Heather Mason

Sat Bir Khalsa - Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention: The Science, Research and Clinical Trials Evidence Base

Dr Amit Bhargava

Dr. Lucy Arnsby-Wilson - Inviting every child back to wellness: How Yoga can heal the most traumatised children in our communities

Lord Stone

Lord Brooke

Dr Ned Hartfiel 

Drs. Gerbarg and Brown - Breath-Body-Mind for Stress, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Recovery from Mass Disasters, and Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Dr. Manjunath

Fiona Butler

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