4-week body sculpt course

Sculpt your body, build strength in your core and feel amazing...

4 week pilates course

with Natalie Jones

Tone up your body with this high intensity Pilates course. The four week summer shape up plan is designed to sculpt your core. You will tone and strengthen your core using small equipment fused with high intensity exercises that work your whole body. You will also learn an easy to follow 20 minute Pilates core routine you can do at home to help maximise your results (the optional hand out which will be given at the end of the course).

How to make long lasting healthy lifestyle choices will be discussed during this course to help you continue your journey once you have completed the course.

During the course you will learn:

  • high intensity workouts to tone and strengthen your core;
  • home practice 20 minute Pilatescore routine;
  • go deeper into Pilates technique;
  • deep stretches to increase your flexibility;
  • relaxation exercises to de-stress;
  • how to make healthy lasting lifestyle change.

    After completing the course, you will benefit:
  • body transformation;
  • increase your body confidence;
  • feel happier and less stressed;
  • raise your energy level;
  • feel fitter & lighter;
  • increase your flexibility.

  • cancellation policy

    Please note: all our workshops and events have a 14 days prior event cancellation policy. We will not be able to offer any refunds if you cancel within 14 days, but we would accept your family member or friend to attend in your place.

  • buying the course for a friend

    If you would like to buy a place for this workshop for you and the friend or the loved one, please contact reception on 0207 581 4090

  • natalie jones

    Natalie believes that Pilates can transform not only the body but also the mind, soul and whole life. Natalie has a sporting background, a level three Pilates qualification, a degree in Physical Education in the Community and a Masters PGCE.