kundalini yoga & ayurveda for spring cleansing and detox

Cleanse your body and feel lighter for spring

kundalini yoga & ayurveda

with Perla Kirinpreet Kaur

There is a certain heaviness to winter. We tend to be less active and therefore accumulate more. As we start to feel the energies of spring we seek the quality of lightness and feel the need to ‘freshen up’ our bodies, minds and homes. A deep cleanse represents a change from within. In many cultures celebrating the New Year coincides with spring as it is a time for renewal. This usually comes with a ritual of cleansing the home and getting rid of the spirits and evil of the past.

Ayurveda talks about Ama - toxins that accumulate in our body when food, thoughts or emotions are not properly eliminated. When Ama sets in it creates blockages and that is the root of all disease. Our body aims for balance and is naturally self repairing. However the way in which we live our lives today highly taxes our body’s systems while not allowing for stillness, and the result is that we create imbalance without giving the body a chance to re-balance. What we can control is the health of our organs tissues and systems.

If we want to stay healthy and vital for as long as we are alive, it is crucial to counteract this intake of toxins with a healthy and strong ability to eliminate. The body should be able to identify anything that doesn’t belong in it and get rid of it. It is a blessing to have the wisdom and tools that Yoga has to offer. A focused and targeted Yoga practice can help regain that healthy level of functioning. Regular cleansing and detox help clear the pileup and heal our systems, ensuring that the body has enough time to process all that is taken in. According to Ayurveda any form of treatment, if done without first eliminating toxins in the system, will only push the poison deeper into the tissues. Repressed emotions cause toxins too therefore elimination and neutralization of toxins should take place at a physical and emotional level.

Whether you are looking to feel lighter for spring, or want to cleanse in order to treat a condition join us on this 4 week course for a physical and mental detox. In class we will use tools from Kundalini Yoga to strengthen our organs and balance the energies of Prana - taking in, and Apana - eliminating. We will strengthen our systems and eliminate any deeply held toxins. The knowledge of Ayurveda will support the Yoga that we do through food choices, herbal supplements and recommended practices and treatments.

Each session will be 2 hrs long part talk and part Yoga and meditation. We will become familiar with the basics of Ayurveda and learn how to detox our body and mind. For the duration of the course participants will be recommended a detox plan which they can choose to do. Samples will be given of herbs to support the detox and guidance will be given throughout.

kundalini & ayurveda 4 week course

Wednesdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm

11th April - 2nd May

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  • Perla Kirinpreet kaur

    Perla’s aim is to bridge the gap between the disciplines of Yoga and Ayurveda and that of the natural Sciences. Passionate about maintaining a holistic approach, she is keen on engaging both the therapeutic and scientific communities to come together and find a common language.