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Explore Yin Yoga with a more individual approach, for yogis and teachers alike.

teacher training

with ISHTA Yoga Europe

Yin Yoga is yoga from a skeletal and fascial point of view, whereas more dynamic yoga, Yang Yoga, is from a more core and muscle tissue point of view. Uniting these two aspects of yoga is the root of all physical yoga.

Rather than the superficial or muscular tissues exercised in a more active style of asana practice, Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the body. Yin yoga is also proven to strongly enhance circulation, and as a vital tool for stress reduction and energy balancing. 

In this training we will explore asana from the “yinside”, the subtle connection between body and mind. Through seated and reclining poses that are held for an prolonged period of time, Yin yoga improves circulation, respiration, and mental focus, and releases tension, stress, and toxins in both body and mind.

Yin yoga from an ISHTA perspective brings this beautiful practice to a different level where we are not concerned in stretching the tissues, rather releasing tension from the inside out. 

Yogiraj and Senior teacher Ulrica Norberg has over 22 years experience of yoga and meditation and one of her many specialities is Yin yoga. Ulrica works from a more Ayurvedic, tantric, therapeutic and alignment based approach and ISHTA yin becomes the perfect bridge between more vinyasa based yoga and meditation. 

With a combination of yang poses, ISHTA Yoga kriyas, ISHTA Alignment and meditation, you are in for a true treat leaving you refreshed, relaxed and alive from the inside out!

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  • About the teacher Ulrica Norberg

    Ulrica Norberg is ISHTA Yoga’s Scandinavian Director and Yogiraj and one of Alan Finger’s master students, co-teaching with him on trainings and retreats. Ulrica is known for her deep knowledge and inspirational and warm approach. More information: https://ulricanorberg.se/


    Ulrica Norberg a qualified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, so this training will grant you the hours towards your continuing education.Certificates will be issued to those who have successfully completed the assignments and attended hours, as applicable.

  • Module 1 | 25 hrs | 7-9 October

    Learn the foundations of ISHTA Yin Yoga, including: The Art of the Yin practice, Energetic Alignment, Individuality, Subtle and Physical Anatomy, Pranayama and Kriyas. Focus is on how to start a Yinyoga practice And more.

  • Module 2 | 25 hrs | 5-7 Jan 2018

    Deepen your knowledge of ISHTA Yin Yoga in theses areas: Teaching skills, Adaptations, ISHTA Yin meditation, Nadis/Meridian theory, Ayurveda and Yin, Neurophysiology, ISHTA Yin Yoga philosophy, Tantra, Chakra Philosophy and Anatomy, hands-on assisting, sequencing And more.

  • prices

    Module 1 - Early Bird Price £475 | Full Price £525 Module 2 - Early Bird Price £475 | Full Price £525 Module 1 & 2 together - Early Bird Price £900.00 | Full Price £1050.00 *Early Bird Price available until 15 September 2017.