ayurveda & yoga course for autumnal health

This 3-week course will help you be inspired to find a better, healthier way of living this Autumn.

yoga & ayurveda course

with Emily Reed

Join Emily Reed for a 3-week Introduction to Ayurveda & Autumnal Health course.

Ayurveda is essentially the "science of living well". It offers valuable tools to navigate our way in a healthy, balanced state through the fluctuations of life in the 21st century. 

During the 3 sessions Emily will focus on:


Be inspired to find a better, healthier way of living this Autumn and beyond. Learn helpful, manageable tips for your diet & daily routine to cultivate better health. Discover how to practice yoga in a way that truly supports your constitution and promotes your all round health. 

Each 2-hour session will consist of 20 minutes discussion on the key theme for the week followed by a well-rounded practice of yoga, pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

Ayurveda emphasizes three essential principles of health: digestion, diet, and daily routine. Each week will focus in-depth on one of the principles while the following physical and meditative practice will help you tune into the bio-rhythms of the season. 

In Ayurveda it is believed that when we live in line with the bio-rhythms of the day and the season and when we culivate good strong digestion through the diet, routine and daily yoga practice, we hugely reduce the onset of poor health and chronic long term health issues, as well as fatigue, emotional stress and,  most of all, early ageing. 

The number of participants is limited, so book your place today.

WEDNESDAYS | 6.30 - 8.30 PM

Upcoming 3-week yoga & ayurveda courses in autumn 2017:

27 sep-11 oct - £100

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  • Emily Reed

    Emily is passionate about helping people live more “consciously” in order to create a happier, healthier life on all levels. She uses the tools of Ayurveda to re-establish balance. Using observation and deep intuition she discerns if and where assistance can be offered for each individual.