10 one hour long sessions to become the Creator – rather than the recipient – of your life.


with shomit mitter

If you have tried and failed to create the life that you really want, it is probably because you have been using the resources of the conscious mind. It is quite natural to approach problems logically and to plan outcomes using common sense. 

However, if this hasn’t worked, it is unlikely you will achieve much success by working harder using the same tools. You will need a paradigm shift. And this is what this course provides. This is the course that works when all else fails, when you haven’t a clue as to how to achieve your objective. That is why the results that the course has achieved have been referred to as “magical”.

Shomit describes what the course all about:

“Magic” is a word we use to describe a result that we don’t understand using the knowledge available to us. When you finish this course, you won’t use words like “miracle” at all – because your sense of how “reality” works will have grown. It will have grown because you will have studied the essence of a number of ancient systems of thinking that take us well beyond what the conscious mind will readily countenance.  If the blocks that hold us back are in the unconscious, it is only in the weird and wonderful world of the unconscious that the solutions will lie.

The ancient systems of thinking to which I refer weren’t just meant to be discussed in seminars. They were meant to be lived. This is why I have spent many years developing exercises that allow one to live in alignment with the stillness, the power and the joy these ancient texts describe. By amalgamating powerful ancient meditation techniques with the user-friendly modalities of modern western hypnotherapy, I believe I have created a vehicle of some power. It doesn’t require that you sit in a cave for twenty years: you can practise it here, now, and it works rapidly.

The reason these exercises work is this: focusing on certain types of “archetypal” images whilst in a relaxed state of mind creates highly beneficial networks of synaptic connections in the brain. If these images are carefully selected by someone who has a deep understanding of the language of the unconscious mind, they can generate orders of capability that far transcend what logic and discussion can achieve. It is as if the unconscious mind is a vast army that is programmed to do everything that it is unambiguously asked to do. All it needs is a clear instruction – and these exercises provide those instructions in their most unequivocal and powerful form.

The exercises I introduce are supported by a systematic, thorough and wide-ranging series of homework requirements that are optional and can be done at leisure. There is an annotated reading list with write-ups on all the books, and recommendations that link books to sessions. There are a range of tasks (paintings to look at, for example, and objects to collect) which work subliminally to reinforce the effects of the principal meditations on the deepest layers of the unconscious. This is a multi-faceted course that relies not just on lecture and demonstration but on profoundly orchestrated guided visualisations that help to imprint on the mind vivid images of deep philosophical principles that lose none of their complexity for having been distilled into everyday metaphors. The search for appropriate analogies trains the mind to the point that the most commonplace of objects subliminally reinforces the core principles. More than anything else, this course teaches a way of being: it teaches you how to “read” life so that, eventually, life itself becomes your most eloquent teacher.

It gets even better than that, though, because the course as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If each individual session generates and bolsters certain areas of capability (such as “power” or “detachment” or “healing”), the cumulative effect of doing the entire course is categorically different and infinitely greater. The sequence of sessions is designed to inculcate a deep-seated awareness of – and ability to embody – a state of being for which the world has a very high-sounding term: enlightenment. While the course will not turn you into the Buddha overnight, it will get you to a still place deep within you from which it is possible consistently to create – rather than passively to receive – the future events of your life. The Buddha himself said he was no different to everyone, except in one respect – which was that he was “awake”. This course is an invitation to share the peace, the calm and the sheer unbridled joy that comes from “being awake”.

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  • session 1: being

    The world “out there” and the world “in here” are mirror images of one another. So, to change the world of your experience, you must change your mode of being in the world. How to be grounded, connected and open: the basics.

  • session 2: healing

    How the unconscious works and how we programme it to do what we ask it to do by using the language of image and action. An introduction to the art of getting “lucky” – consistently!

  • session 3: power

    An introduction to the profound value of the uncomfortable situations in life. How to recognise and use the opportunity they give us to step into our power. How to inhabit a mind-set that is truly beyond good and evil.

  • session 4: presence

    How to “Be Here Now”: how to maintain focus and remain present such that we are not dragged back by past problems and future fears. How to draw on the enormous capabilities that are available in the eternal “Now”.

  • session 5: play

    The theory and practice of stillness, detachment and transcendence. What is reality and what is illusion? And how does the distinction help us build better lives for ourselves? Being able to create from a higher level than that of our everyday existence.

  • session 6: guides

    Those who perform consistently at a high level often speak of a “force” that works through them. Writers talk of “downloading” their books, and sportsmen refer to being in a “state of flow”. What is this higher power and how do we access it consistently?

  • session 7: underworld

    Ancient Greek heroes were often depicted as going to the Underworld to gain their power. Why did everyone from Parmenides to C.G. Jung feel the most important thing a person could do is face – and love – his or her “dark side”?

  • session 8: metamorphosis

    If we are to manifest new and exciting things in our lives, we must master the art of change. Learn the art of transformation through the theory and practice of shape-shifting, a hugely exciting skill that is no less relevant in the modern world than it is in the world of the Shaman.

  • session 9: the void

    In ancient Indian philosophy, Creation takes place in the stillness of the Void, a place of peace – but also of ultimate power. How do we access this place through a simple meditation that works in the modern world? What can we do, once we are in this place, to create the world we desire?

  • session 10: creation

    Bringing it all together: how to “be” the Void that dreams into existence the world of its choosing. How to play with light and dark so as to sculpt the world you desire into existence.