wild workshops

Deep in the concrete jungle, a spirit is re-awakening... an ancient impulse, the howl of freedom, the spreading of wings, the glint of the moon in golden eyes...


With Artful Badger

Journey with us to the wild places of your soul…

For the last five years the wild rumpus that is Artful Badger has held court in the bosky woods of Wilderness and Secret Garden Party. By night their carnival of creatures lures festival goers into rapturous adventures of dance, ritual and theatre. When the light returns each day, the Badgers host a selection of unique and extraordinary WILD WORKSHOPS to explore and play with the edges of our wild selves.

Now, for the first time WILD WORKSHOPS are travelling from their woodland home to reside for a season in the beautiful setting of Evolve Wellness centre, West London. We have gathered the most brilliant practitioners and facilitators for a series of 6 workshops, all specially designed to explore and celebrate the wild places within ourselves. 

From mask medicine to dance meditation, the workshops will provide time and space to explore our relationship between our imagined selves and our physical bodies, harmonising who we want to be with who we are. They are designed to be a safe spaces to play, to dance on our edges, to go deeper into the untamed, unnamed parts of the self that often get neglected in our fast-paced, high-tech world.

WILD WORKSHOPS are immensely proud to be part of the conscious celebration movement, alongside pioneers like Morning Gloryville and Summerhouse. Together through shows, events, practices and information sharing, we are emphasising the importance of health - not just of the body, but also the mind and spirit, and uncovering how all three are intrinsically linked. This joy-infused, youth-led movement is emerging everywhere from festivals to food stalls, from yoga schools to online MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It centers around detoxing, stress release, mindful practices, self-expression and radical acceptance.

The practices central to this movement aren’t new, in fact most reference the ancient indigenous connection between communities and nature, through costume, ritual, song and dance. The WILD WORKSHOPS have been particularly designed to invite participants to uncover and re-establish this innate connection.

So, we invite you to journey with us, let go, be playful, and step into the wild places of your soul...

If you book more than one workshop of the series, you will receive a discount (please call to book):

  • 10% discount when you book 2 separate workshops 
  • 15% discount when you book 3 separate workshops
  • 20% discount when you book 4 and over separate workshops

Monthly, starting in October 2016

1 OCT - the connection creature

5 nov - free dance

3 dec - the revelation of the mask

4 feb - dance your naked truth

1 apr - brazilian bioenergetics

29 apr - divine ridiculous