4 week meditation for beginners - online course

Learn simple and effective tools to begin or reconnect with your meditation practice

online meditation course - 4 weeks

with Mandy Jhamat

This 4 week meditation course for beginners will provide simple and effective tools to begin or reconnect with your meditation practice.

WEEK 1 - Pause & Breath
A natural embryonic breath (like the one we breathe as babies) that connects us to our centre is the foundation for all breath based meditations practices. We will explore that breath and then move into experiencing the segments of the breath and in particular the natural pause. I call this week's meditation "Be the Pause", as we observe the gap between the breaths and drop into its stillness.

WEEK 2 - Inner Sound
Your inner sounds are made up of your inner voice - this can come from your mind, your heart or a deeper place of intuition. Your body and every organ has a pulse. This week introduces you to the principles of Nada Yoga that uses sound/vibration to create an inner silence. The practice explores the connection between sound and our breath as tools to move deeper.

WEEK 3 - The Window to the Soul
You will have heard of the saying - eyes are the windows to our soul. In eastern traditions, this is only true through the third eye in between the eyebrows that opens to your inner experience. This week's practice connects week 1-2 - at this third eye through breath focus, energy centering and feeling the magnetic vibration of your focus.

WEEK 4 - Bliss, Love & Celebration
This will culminate in exploring our attitude and approach towards our practice, focus will be on heart-centred techniques of love and devotion that connects to the very centre of our Being - the heart.

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