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Training to be a yoga teacher is more than just a career. It is also a way of discovering who you really are.


with ISHTA Yoga Europe

This year, 200-hour Teacher Training Programmes, starts in September 2018. ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training provides a complete foundation for all aspects of yoga: an all-inclusive, fully integrated, and individualized approach to this ancient science.

The ISHTA trainee teacher can expect to receive the most comprehensive, well-rounded education available today, which has already been successfully taught to thousands of students. Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, improve your practice, or expedite your transformation into the person you have always wanted to be, ISHTA Teacher Training will help you to accomplish your goal.

Areas of study include: Asana and Meditation practice, In-depth posture labs, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy and Principles of ISHTA Yoga, The Chakras and the Subtle Body, Ayurveda, Sequencing, and How to Teach Pranayama and Meditation. Specialty areas include Prenatal, Restorative, Injury Management, Essential Oils and Sanskrit.

This ISHTA Yoga 200-Hour long format teacher training meets for 9 long weekends over the course of approximately nine months. This format caters to the person who works a full time job and/or prefers to study over an extended period of time. Training programs are all taught under the guidance of Yogiraj Katrina Repka and her senior teaching staff. All training programs are Yoga Alliance approved.

September 2020 - June 2021

One weekend a month Friday - Sunday

For more information and application for 200 hour teacher training course for 2020 - 2021, please email Katrina Repka on


  • introduction to the teacher training

    Watch this video by ISHTA founder Alan Finger and his wife Sarah Platt-Finger explaining what to expect in 200 & 300 h trainings.

  • cancellation policy

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The lineage and teaching of ISHTA Yoga is a uniquely modern, individualized and integrated approach to the ancient science of yoga. While the body is studied and experienced in detail through in-depth daily practice, posture labs and studies of anatomy and asana, ISHTA provides a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga, including the practice and teaching of subtle and causal body anatomies; pranayama and kriya; meditation; Tantric philosophy; and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian life science. The ISHTA-trained practitioner is able to approach and embrace yoga in all its forms, from mantra to vinyasa. In addition, our rich content, proven Yoga Alliance-registered curriculum, exclusive training manuals, and focused practice teaching ensure that every trainee has a personalized and enriching experience of their own yoga and the opportunity to teach, learn and explore. Finally, the ISHTA Teacher Training program was created by Yogiraj Alan Finger, one of the preeminent Western Tantric teachers of our time.

Definitely. The ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training is a yoga immersion designed to deepen your own practice and your own understanding of yoga first. Many trainees enroll in the program without plans to teach. The in-depth experience of yoga will be life changing for you regardless of your future intentions. We encourage all trainees to simply take this step on their journey and see where it leads them!

Yes! While this training is not suitable for the brand-new yogi, we welcome all serious students with a minimum of 6 months of practice. The Teacher Training Program is an inclusive program and since yoga is an individual practice, we expect and welcome different levels of physical ability. Your commitment and desire to deepen your understanding of yoga are what is most important!

Yes. The ISHTA Yoga Principles of Sequencing creates a well-rounded practice that will encourage you to explore the yoga that suits you and your students. You will learn the basic tools and correct application of asana, pranayama and meditation for creating a well-balanced practice that leads to a balanced life. Vinyasa is an extraordinary tool for the mind, body and spirit and is an essential component of these tools.

Absolutely. Yoga is an individual practice and the path takes many physical forms. We expect and welcome different levels of physical ability. Your commitment to deepening your yoga is the true requirement.

Yes, 100% attendance is required to successfully complete your training.  If you know in advance you will have to miss a session for any reason, and you would like to receive the Certification, you will need to make arrangements with Katrina to make up the missed sessions at your cost. Detailed make-up procedures are provided upon enrollment; ask Katrina if you have questions.

Once you have successfully completed all requirements of the training (100% In-Training attendance or completed make-ups, 100% completion of Apprenticeship module, 100% completion and passing grade on Personal Study module requirements, successful evaluation on final practical exam), you will receive a graduation certificate and the necessary paperwork to register with Yoga Alliance. Please note that 100 hours of logged teaching time are required by Yoga Alliance in conjunction with your 300-hour certificate in order to register at the 500-hour level. More information about Yoga Alliance registration is available at

For the trainee who is serious about teaching as a career or wishes to further commit themselves to study and practice, we offer a 300-hour Professional Training. This is an advanced training for serious graduates of a 200-hour program only; class size is limited and all applicants are personally reviewed.

All trainees progress at their own rate given their experience and understanding. However, it is our strong belief that most trainees are not yet fully ready to teach after a 200-hour training. In order for you to call yourself an “ISHTA teacher”, you will require 500-hour certification, meaning that you have completed the ISHTA 300-hour Professional Training after the 200-hour training program. However, with 200 hr. certification you will be able to get insurance and start teaching.

A £1500 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance of your place in the training. A further £1500 is due on June 1, 2018. The balance of is due on September 1, 2018. Cancellations more than two months before the training start date receive a full tuition refund, less the £1500 deposit. Cancellations less than two weeks before training start receive a 50% tuition refund, less the £1500 deposit. After training begins, no refunds are available.