• ‘From the undisciplined pursuit of more… to the disciplined pursuit of simplicity.’

    If you are reading this, then either you run your own business, are growing a business, or are thinking about starting one. It also means you’re doing business, or planning to do business, in a certain way.

    At Evolve Consulting we grow mission-focused businesses and movements. That means we work with people who are on a mission, and building something that exists for a greater purpose than just to make money. Our clients are creating something bigger than themselves – something that has a wider, maybe even a universal, positive impact.
    It’s our mission to help you do this. Our client list includes Google’s Mindfulness Leadership Training ‘Search Inside Yourself’, BBC, Yoga in Healthcare Alliance, Sofitel, 42 Acres, Change.org, Nationwide, Warner Music and many more.

  • Why we do it

    Because the world needs a new way of living and working. While conditions have improved for the human race immeasurably over recent history, this has come at the expense of almost every other species on our planet, and most critically of our environment. The footprint left behind by ‘the undisciplined pursuit of more’ is hard to measure, and the shadow is growing in size all the time, as our perception of reality gets clearer. As we work to transform into a sustainable way of living and working, a new approach is necessary, in which mental and emotional health, community, physical wellbeing and the environment are paramount, alongside business development and profits.

  • what do we do

    We work with a small number of select partners, helping them to make things better, to take them that much further. We build a rhythm around this approach and we repeat what works, in new ways, over and again. We phase out the dysfunctional and we focus together, sharpening our awareness of how we are working, on what is happening in the field, and why we are doing what we do. We take action with precision, and in short spaces of time, one step at a time, we transform businesses and we change people's lives.

  • How

    We take aspects of our client’s businesses, and extend and monetise those areas. We generate significant revenues, in brand-aligned ways, that our clients wouldn’t otherwise have been able to create. Sometimes our work is straight forward consulting, where we are paid to create with our client, and sometimes we get paid on performance - the better our clients do from our involvement, the better we do. It’s our mission to support businesses to reach their potential like this - by leveraging our client’s hidden assets - in ways they do not have the bandwidth, skills or people to execute.


  • take our quiz to find out if you are our kind of missionary

    Would you rather:

    A) Stay sane while building the one-person operation of your dreams, or B) lose your shit with a team of 50?
    A) Double your earnings and work a day a week less, or B) quadruple them and work six and a half out of seven?
    A) Build a strong six figure business and maintain your mental health, or B) risk losing your marbles trying to 'make it' every day?
    A) Create a business that supports a conscious life, or B) use up all your life energy to support your business?
    A) Work with like-minded people who share vision and values, or B) compete against your colleagues in a ‘boiler room’ each day?

    If you answered mostly A's, then you need to get down here and talk to us!

  • Who

    Adrian Kowal has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He has owned a production company, a stake in a fund management firm he co-founded, as well and founding and running one of the largest wellbeing centres in London – Evolve Wellness – ten years ago. He is also the co-founder of Way Of Nature UK, a wilderness retreats business operating trips to some of the remotest destinations on earth. Most recently he has launched ‘The Visionairies’, a charitable venture reintroducing Rites Of Passage work to young people in nature, across the UK.

    Adrian comments:
    ‘I am highly motivated to support like-minded, values-driven entrepreneurs to build their businesses and movements to create large-scale, lasting change. My skill set includes setting up businesses to succeed during the early start-up phase, financial analytics for cost-savings and business optimisation, marketing of events and services (from branding through to distribution channels), and advising on operational best practice to allow founders to conserve time, energy and financial resources.’

  • Who

    Ben Hewitt has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, after launching his first business aged 20, and a business and executive coach since 2009. After working intensively in business development, media and nightlife for the first ten years of his career, he took a sabbatical in 2007 and traveled extensively to South America, India and the US. On the road he began learning the art of self-inquiry and meditation, and upon his return made a commitment to simplify his life, to slow down to the pace of nature, and to work as mindfully as possible in his professional affairs. He has worked as a coach and consultant to many different organisations, including Change.org, Nationwide, Lush Cosmetics, Hazel Capital, Deutsche Bank, World Vision, Unilever and others, alongside a host of smaller, often highly successful, individuals and medium sized businesses.

    Ben comments:
    ‘I am passionate about exploratory, inquiry-based living, which among other things means taking our values and our spiritual practices to work with us, and expressing them fully in the world. On that journey we learn how to tap into the totality of our resources as human beings, and make the maximum positive impact. Alongside implementing projects of my own, I love to support others in being successful and sustainable, and my skill sets are mainly focussed on the areas of culture, narrative and business development, through one to one coaching with entrepreneurs and their teams.’


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