meditation, pranayama & yoga nidra

Breathe, meditate & deeply relax

This class is open to those who are wishing to deepen their practice of meditation, or equally, new to the practice and are merely curious. We will explore the subtle aspects of meditation which underpins all forms of yoga in an exploratory way, open to all. Though Meditation is an ancient practice, medical science have been very encouraging in supporting and have backed the effects on the emotions, mind and body. We will explore various techniques that encourage the development of concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and peace. By learning the patterns and habits of the mind can we transform and cultivate new, positive ways of being.

The earliest textual mentions of yoga, written around 1500 BCE, refer to pranayama and meditation, with no emphasis on asana (postures). Prana means life force energy and yama to control or restrain. We will learn pranayama techniques which uses the breath to direct, control, and expand the flow of prana (life force energy or chi) in our energy channels (nadis). Open to all levels.

Finally we end with yoga nidra, a deep, reclining guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is the most efficient and effective form of deep rest and can melt tension on a three fold level – emotional, physical and mental. We add deeper meaning by setting an intention (or Sankalpa) at the beginning, and when open to autosuggestion and in a state of complete relaxation, will repeat this statement to ourselves, thus creating deep inner transformation of the subconscious.

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