meditation & sound relaxation

"The Ancient sound made me understand how it can raise the vibration, cleanse all energy, calm the mind and heal any strains."

with Ximena Miranda

"I use sound as a tool to facilitate reflection, connection and change"

Ximena Miranda certified singing bowl practitioner and meditation teacher will lead a deeply immersive experience of sound. This class includes gentle streching (to prepare the body for the session) + guided meditation focusing on different aspects of life and awareness. 

Afterwards Ximena will play the Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes and tingshas with the intention to balance and find self acceptance again. Participants rest in savasana posture and we all share experiences, comments or questions. In every class you will experience different guided meditations where you will find answers, guidance or simply a very good time of relaxation.

new clients intro offer

Join Evolve Wellness community by choosing our New Clients Introductory offer which provides a great opportunity to get to know our centre by trying different yoga or pilates classes.