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If you have a health condition for which you would like to facilitate healing, we can offer you one-on-one yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy works within the premise that no two bodies, illnesses or health concerns are the same. It focuses on your unique issues and lifestyle. Your Yoga Therapist will work with you to develop an individually tailored practice with efficacy and effectiveness to help enhance recovery and assist in healing. Additionally, Yoga Therapy is complimentary to any other forms of treatment you are receiving. If you have a heath issue or are in pain, you should currently be seeing a Yoga Therapist: the time to start this process is now. All Yoga Therapy sessions are one-to-one and confidential. No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary.

Please call evolve wellness centre on 0207 581 4090 to arrange the appointment.

First session is 90 minutes long as it will include the assessment and yoga class (the price £120).

All follow-up sessions are 60 minutes for £90


Yoga Therapists are qualified experienced Yoga Teachers who have undertaken specialist recognised training. They are experts in using the tools of yoga therapeutically. Yoga Therapists are registered as Yoga Therapists with the Complimentary and National Healthcare Council. In addition to their continuously updated training, our Yoga Therapists have the experience necessary to guide and support you through your recovery. Our team is comprised of specifically selected strong, stable, caring and knowledgeable therapists to give you the best possible care. Our aim is always to select the best therapist to work with you.

After you set your objective during the initial session, there will be follow up sessions to develop the practice you have taken responsibility for doing. During these sessions we also address any additional issues or observations that arise and changes are often necessary.  The gap between these meetings will be dependent on many factors and will be agreed between you and the Yoga Therapist. They could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. Our Yoga Therapists  are here to support you and ensure that you achieve positive results in the short and long term. The key to Yoga Therapy is empowering you to do a self-practice that promotes healing.

  • helps to relieve symptoms;
  • develops self-care behaviors;
  • improves quality of life;
  • improves sleep;
  • enhance new positive mental patterns;
  • provide means to develop coping strategies;
  • all stress related disorders including insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression;
  • musceloskeletal problems such as knee pain, back pain etc;
  • immune system disorders such as arthritis;
  • endocrine and hormonal problems such as diabetes and women's health issues;
  • asthma and other lung disorders;
  • grief and emotional strain.

Our Yoga Therapists have been trained to help and care for people with many common health issues and some have had considerable experience with many unique health situations, so please make contact and ask to speak to someone. 

Yoga Therapy process starts with the first thought of using yoga as tool to address a need- that need could be personal transformation, or for health.  Usually, it is necessary to have few sessions to evolve a practice which the care seeker can keep for a long time. The first sessions which is the first consultation is a bit longer, generally around an hour and half, in order for me to understand and get to know the care seeker. After which I design a yoga practice that the care seeker takes home and ideally practice regularly everyday. The next session ususally takes place much quicker and is for an hour and takes place soon after the first consultation so that I can see whether the practice needs changing: this may be for a variety of reasons - sometimes the care seeker is ready to progress, sometimes other priorities surface, sometimes the practice needs to be refined, sometimes people just want something different. This pattern of checking and refining continues, with the intervals between classes usually becoming gradually longer. Some people are happy to come for about four sessions and then feel that they can be independent for quite a while. Others prefer to continue to come back at intervals of, perhaps, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.  This is not prescriptive and changes as each one of us are unique and have our own needs and requirements.

  • Rebekah- hay-Brown

    Rebekah is a senior yoga therapist and yoga teacher who has over a decade of experience of working with individuals facing health challenges. She sees people with a wide range of issues including auto-immune and heart and lung conditions, back pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

    For more info on Rebekah please click here.

  • Vidhi Sodhi

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