adult ballet class

Ballet will tone your muscles, give you a graceful silhouette, improve your flexibility, work your mind and create an emotional well-being.

what is ballet class?

This non-syllabus adult ballet class caters for all levels and abilities (no previous experience needed) whether you would like to start dancing, return to a passion for dance or are looking for a new form of exercise.
The class usually starts with some floor barre exercises on a mat to improve strength, flexibility and core muscles then runs as a traditional ballet class starting at the barre to work on different areas of the body and finally moving to the centre of the room for more challenging combination of movements.
The class is about strength, posture, alignment, musicality, agility, flexibility, balance and coordination with an emphasis on enjoyment.

Please note that there is a special pricing option for this class - drop-in class £25 and 5-class pack £100. Barre classes have to be booked separately.
Teacher: Anne-Laure Vergnaud from The Paris Opera Ballet

  • Anne-Laure Vergnaud

    Anne-Laure Arnoux-Vergnaud studied at the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (CNSMDP) where she was awarded a 1st Grand Prize of dance before joining the Paris Opera Ballet at the age of 15.

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