somatics & yoga nidra

Release any tension in the body and consciously relax with the practice of Yoga Nidra - a yogic sleep.

The somatic practice is SATYA (sensory awareness trainIng for yoga asana) is a restorative yin practice and opens doorways into the interior, providing new pathways of perception and feeling. It guides students away from “doing” movement and toward sensing, receiving and “being” movement. As an adjunct to yoga practice, somatic awareness leads to embodied wisdom.

All the movements are done on the floor in a flowing fashion, without force. The SATYA movements cultivate inner listening and heighten awareness. This awareness is the body’s innate intelligence. By increasing our capacity for sensory awareness, we become more sentient, wakeful beings in the world. The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve sliding, gliding and circular movements to reduce myo-fascial holding in the body.

The SATYA training, along with yoga postures, involves neural-muscular re-education. Like in vinyasa training, breath is combined with movement in order to deepen the respiratory rhythm. These movements support a profound physical rest and prepare the body for Savasana and Yoga Nidra. Nidra means “sleep” or “changing states of consciousness”, and in the context of Yoga Nidra, it refers to your capacity to abide knowingly as a nondual, unchanging, and wakeful Presence in the midst of the changing circumstances of life.

Suitable to all levels


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