Live stream - yoga flow with Sue

all levels are welcome

This mindful yoga flow class will have an element of pranayama (around 10 minutes in each class) - breathing exercises to oxygenate the body and calm the mind which is suitable for all levels.

We will be moving at a mindful pace with time for precision in alignment and attention to detail. We will explore the flow as a moving meditation that is strong and challenging that allows a deepening of the postures. The transitions between the postures are very much a part of the practice. The breath is our ultimate guide.

Pranayama, is a set of practices designed to control prana within the human body by means of various breathing techniques, meditative visualisations and physical locks (or kumbhaka). Pranayama uses the breath to direct and expand the flow of life-force through our energy channels - the nadis. It helps purify the blood and the respiratory system. The deeper breathing enriches the blood with oxygen. As a matter of fact a large amount of oxygen goes to the brain, lungs, heart, and capillaries.

By practising mindful yoga flow and pranayama we are strengthening the body as well as clearing the obstacles in our bodies, allowing breath and energy (prana) to flow freely. Our breathing is improved, our bodies function better and we calm the mind.

Tuesday, 08 Dec 2020

sue chopping

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2020

sue chopping

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