Zoom - yoga flow & pranayama Angie

By practising mindful yoga flow & pranayama we are strengthening the body as well as allowing breath & prana to flow freely.

all levels are welcome

This class will begin or end with 10 minutes of the pranayama practice - breathing techniques used in yoga to oxygenate the blood flow and calm the mind. This will be followed by mindful yoga flow practice paying attention to the breath by moving through yoga asana practice.

Pranayama, is a set of practices designed to control prana within the human body by means of various breathing techniques, meditative visualizations and physical locks (or kumbhaka). Mindful yoga flow - is the slow movement from one yoga asana to the next connecting each movement with your breath. This allows you to enter the meditative state of concentration and focus.

By practising mindful yoga flow and pranayama we are strengthening the body as well as clearing the obstacles in our bodies, allowing breath and energy (prana) to flow freely. Our breathing is improved, our bodies function better and we calm the mind.


Monday, 27 Sep 2021

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Monday, 04 Oct 2021

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Friday, 08 Oct 2021

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