inner sanctuary

Does such a place exist?

inner sanctuary

“Though there are many paths to explore ones inner sanctuary, it is only through direct experience, that we can meet the actuality of such a place. …”

WRITTEN BY Evolve Wellness Centre

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It can be challenging to fathom the ‘realness’ of ones inner world. When we close our eyes, we initially see blackness; if we seal ourselves away from external sounds, we might hear ‘nothing’. In solitude, we can easily feel alone and therefore disconnected from others; distanced from the bright lights and bustle of external life. It might even be frightening, to be with the great mystery that we are, and yet, I believe there is a yearning for ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Holding this in mind, I have been moved to guide a workshop to explore our ‘Inner Sanctuary’; a place of peace and inspirational energy, we all inherently possess and long for.

Through the mediums of yoga, movement meditation and creative imagination, we will venture to develop our inner listening skills, as a means of awakening to what is present, beyond our limited concepts of reality and value.

Yoga puts us in touch with our body: “the temple of the divine”, as the Katha Upanishad texts mentions. We remember the miracle of breathing, whilst simultaneously opening ourselves to the currents of life running through us, experienced as myriads of sensations.

Movement meditation, particularly the practice of ‘authentic movement’ is an invitation to allow our body to be moved by our inner impulses. This practice is not about making a dance happen, but waiting to see what movement spontaneously arises from the inside out.

Creative imagination is a therapeutic technique, which gives space to witness the imagery accompanying our felt sense; our unique qualities, expressions, perceptions, and gifts, take form through symbolism, facilitated by guided visualisation.

Our exploration will include moments to ground our findings, through drawing, writing, as well as receiving and sharing our experiences with others.

From my experience, what often hampers our journey inwards, is not the lack of an inner world, but our beliefs and judgements about what we find. Our expectations can leave us to feel disappointed, our discomfort with ‘waiting’ and experiencing ‘emptiness’ or the unfamiliar, can lead us to run away or externally ‘fill’ ourselves, as our unfolding enigma is in the process of revealing itself. 

Though there are many paths to explore ones inner sanctuary, it is only through direct experience, that we can meet the actuality of such a place. Until then, it remains an illusory fantasy, or at best, something yet to be disproven. 

Inner Sanctuary: Integrating Yoga, Movement Meditation and Creative Imagination, Sunday 11th September, 2:30-5:30pm @ Evolve Wellness. For more information please click here.

Written by Nicole Miller.