Mother Protector

Insights into Women's Personal Safety

Mother Protector

“Fortunately, there are core principles one can apply to avoid  trouble in the streets…”

WRITTEN BY Evolve Wellness Centre

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I am very grateful to Evolve for this chance to share some insights on women’s personal safety. This is a subject that’s come to many women’s mind, after some recent tragic events. Fortunately, there are core principles one can apply to avoid  trouble.

My name is Aran and for many years, I've worked in the field of security and investigations. Working with global investigation companies, the work can take one to chic places or rather edgy environments. Either way, you learn to always keep awareness close at hand; to read the intent and demeanour of others, and adapt to the moment. I’ve also spent over 30 years studying the martial arts arts.
My approach is called Tri Tier. It’s three levels represent key areas useful for personal safety- stillness, resilience and tactics. The subjects within Tri Tier are truly vast- we look at energy cultivation practises that enhance awareness and mental well being. On the personal safety side, we address diverse scenarios- from what to do if you think you are being followed to how to read deceptive behaviour. You learn how to find your centre and remain connected to it, even when your outer environment is turbulent. Then we explore unconventional tactics and use of intuition.
Over the years, I’ve trained high profile figures and their families, security personnel, and executives with global travel. There have also been a number of women who have expressed interest in training. We actually ran various workshops for women at Evolve. Many of the women I train, are very good at being open with their feelings, candidly sharing the areas that concern them. Sometimes, it’s direct self-defence tactics that are sought; or ways to better handle pressure or fear.  Some women share that they want to build confidence for handling bullish work colleagues. Then there are those women who are very much the queens of the chess board. They actively look for ways to keep their family safe and strong, or even their work team. They emanate that mother as protector archetype, which is a needed one today, whether you have children or do not! Those who embody this archetype, try to ensure that those around them keep safe, and do not become the victim or see themselves as the victim.
What I’d like to offer the Evolve community, is a series of free notes, that my security associates and I worked hard to produce, over this last lockdown period.  These in depth notes address a range of topics including: urban awareness, travel safety and threat recognition. If someone reads these notes and it helps them keep out of harms way, then that’s a great. So, if you would like to receive these notes or if you’d actually  like to discuss some personal safety concerns, then my team and I would be happy to hear from you. Just send an email to:  introducing yourself and we will send the notes, or arrange a time to chat. Before concluding, rather than just share a list of safety tips, I would like to share some  insights to contemplate. They begin with a small anecdote…

The Yoga studio manager and the fox

When I was organising workshops at Evolve, Renata and the team kindly agreed to put up some flyers about them. I provided the text but just couldn’t find a photo that fitted the temperament or theme of the workshop. In her usual calm, earth like manner, Renata said; “Just leave it with me, I'll find an image that I feel best conveys your training…maybe something from nature.” As I exited onto the cobbled mews outside with my client, I wondered what she might choose! The next time I was at back at Evolve, there on the wall was the poster, nicely laid out, and in the top corner, was the image of a fox poised and alert in the snow. Interesting.


The fox has been something of a recurring symbol throughout my own training path. A specialist in close quarter tactics once shared: “You must be cunning like a fox.” A seasoned Kung Fu master once compared the tactics he taught me, to those of a wily fox. From a personal safety perspective, whether you embrace that mother protector role or you just want to connect with greater awareness, consider this... The fox knows when to blend in and when to move quietly, unnoticed. The fox is able to assert itself, especially when it needs to track and when it needs to eat.  It knows when to escape and be elusive. The fox will use all it’s senses, fully connecting with nature, to detect what goes on, in it’s environment and to read the terrain ahead. The fox knows when to move but also when to be still…
Like many of you, I’m looking forward to seeing Evolve find it’s new home and thrive, after all the struggles of 2020. In the meantime, remain alert like a fox and I look forward to hearing from you.
With warm regards
Aran Dhameratnam
About the author
Aran is the founder of the Tri Tier tactical training system. He specialises in close quarter tactics, urban disengagement and internal energy cultivation. With diverse experience in various areas of the security sector, Aran also works with global security companies involved in investigations, due diligence and reputation safeguarding. For consultations or training contact: