how to change your life with appreciation

The Law of Attraction expert Tracy Friend shares her insights on appreciation.

how to change your life with appreciation

“When you choose to appreciate, solutions and opportunities open to you.…”

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“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” Thornton Wilder

According to the Law of Attraction and other spiritual philosophies appreciation (or love) is your natural state of being and who you really are in your deepest essence. In a state of appreciation you recognise and feel your oneness with all of life, and see its perfection and beauty. 

Not only is appreciation the highest feeling emotion but appreciation also exerts a tangible, measurable impact on the outside environment. When you choose to appreciate, solutions and opportunities open to you. It is like looking at a particular scene from one level and then going up in a lift and viewing it again, and it appears entirely different. In a state of appreciation you also elicit improved reactions from the people and the world around you.

Another great benefit of practicing appreciation is that you become aware of the good you already have in your life. With a consistent attitude of appreciation you will very quickly see more positive things flowing into your life and you will feel happier.

Life is full of opportunities to find things to appreciate if you are looking for them and focusing on them. It is extremely beneficial to practice appreciative thoughts about yourself, the people in your life, your home- and everything else in your experience. It is important to note that your true power lies in becoming one who practices appreciative thoughts about others, not one who looks to be given appreciative compliments.

To practice appreciation I recommend you keep a book or journal where you can write things that you appreciate. Before going to sleep every night try to spend 10-15 minutes writing down all of the good things that happened during your day, including things that you might consider big and little.  You can even look for the good in situations you may have considered ‘negative’: this will transform your experience of them.

What really makes a big difference with learning this new way of thinking is doing it regularly, ideally on a daily basis as you will get incrementally closer and closer to the essence of what you want and how you want to feel.

At the Law of Attraction groups and workshops at Evolve Tracy Friend shares simple and transformative processes to assist you in enjoying your life more and in deliberately creating the life you want. For more information about her next workshop, please click here.

Written by Tracy Friend.