zero balancing in london

Zero Balancing (ZB) addresses both the structural, physical body focused on in Western models of health, and also the energy body more commonly acknowledged in Eastern systems of health and wellbeing.  ZB aims to introduce a clearer, stronger field of energy through the body in order that less well-held tensions and patterns can be released, and is a holistic, transformative experience for the whole person, as well as being effective ‘locally’ on particular areas of the body.

Every session is different for everyone, but these effects are commonly reported:

  • heightened sense of wellbeing and general wellness
  • reduction in stress and the promotion of relaxation
  • reduction in body discomforts and the promotion of postural alignments
  • enhanced personal transformational processes
  • increased sense of connection, peace, balance, and harmony
  • reduction of tissue-held memory and help in reframing life history


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