yoga for beginners

yoga for beginners
We’re here to make your first yoga experience as comfortable as possible.

Being new to yoga can be quite intimidating, but don’t worry, we have all been there. At evolve we have created various programmes to make your first few visits as easy as possible.

We recommend you start in an open or level one class. Our teachers will start you off with the basics and help you build a strong foundation so you can eventually work your way into more technical classes.


yoga for you

Our ‘yoga for you’ programme can help bridge that gap to make you feel as comfortable as possible. evolve’s yoga therapists can answer question such as: what is yoga? how I can benefit? and what are the different classes and styles available at evolve that are right for me? They will also answer any questions you have on postures or basic yoga fundamentals. Click here  for more information on our tailored yoga programme.


yoga basics course for beginners

Maybe you would prefer to get into the practice with a small group of people and start building your yoga community. Our 6 week yoga basics courses are limited to 6 people so you are guaranteed to get a lot of personal attention.


private yoga classes or one-on-one classes

Private yoga classes or  instruction is a great way to be introduced to yoga. One-on-one, you will learn the fundamentals of the yoga postures, correct alignment and breathing. Additionally, it will prepare you for group classes, and allow you to focus on your specific needs. Click here to learn more about private classes.

Check out our tips for you and etiquette at evolve to answer any additional questions you might have.


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