yoga styles and classes at evolve

No matter your age, body or heatlh, evolve has a yoga class for you.

yoga for beginners

These classes will introduce you to the yoga basics including fundamental postures (asanas) and basic breathing techniques.


open level

Students of all levels can enjoy this class. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, the teacher will adapt postures (asanas) to suit everyone’s needs. Beginners welcome.


level 1

Our level one classes will expose you to the fundamental postures (asanas), proper alignment, and breathing techniques. Beginners welcome.


level 1-2

For practitioners with some experience of yoga. These classes will expose you to the fundamental, as well as some more advanced, postures (asanas), proper alignment, and breathing techniques.


level 2

Suitable for intermediate students, this level will expose you to more advanced postures. It will challenge you to expand your flexibility, strength, stamina, and mindfulness.


level 2-3

For intermediate or advanced practitioners, these physically demanding classes will offer more challenging postures and sequences. They are faster paced and require knowledge of the intermediate postures such as inversions and backbends.

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