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yoga classes in london at evolveAt evolve we offer a variety of styles including hatha, iyengar, vinyasa flow, forrest yoga,  restorative, yin, gentle yoga, yoga for addiction recovery, yoga basics for beginners and dynamic all led by teachers of the highest quality and expertise.

We believe that a diverse practice supports our ability to listen to our body. One day we might feel the need to have a good sweat, get our blood pumping and our hearts beating through a dynamic flow class. Another day our body might be asking for something gentle and more restorative, allowing ourselves to receive, recharge and rejuvenate. By following what our body needs we create the best practice for each of us as individuals. Through a varied practice we can also balance the yang and yin, masculine and feminine and find equilibrium in our body, mind and spirit.

yoga at evolveWe welcome all levels and wish to make those of you who are new to yoga feel completely at ease as you discover and explore your own practice. We understand that sometimes yoga can be intimidating. We aim to make it a friendly, fun and supportive experience for you.

We also believe that yoga isn’t just something we do on the mat but a practice we can take into our everyday lives. We invite you to come to the mat and take time for you to nurture yourself, heal, grow and become empowered and then take that out into the world with you.

what makes evolve’s yoga evolutionary?

We believe that just by showing up, placing your feet on the mat and being open to the journey that lies ahead in your practice – whether it’s for fitness, stress relief, spiritual growth, or just for the sheer love of it – that you are already on a path of evolution. Our intention is to create that space for you to evolve.


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