welcome to evolve’s weightless weight-loss programme


weightloss program at evolve londonA bespoke weight management programme that is specially designed to help you achieve results.

A blend of expert nutritional guidance, one-on-one yoga training, and life coaching, this 3-month programme is carefully structured to include 6 nutritional consultations, 24 private yoga sessions, and 3 life coaching sessions. Unlike other weight-loss programmes, evolve’s is a guided lifestyle change for consistent and sustainable health.

Using proven approaches, the programme educates members on how to create the most appropriate diet and exercise regimen for them.

Participants will learn to balance blood sugar and re-educate their metabolism, while focusing on yoga techniques to promote health and well being.

Life Coaching will help to balance and support the mental, physical, and emotional journey of weight-loss. Once completed, participants will have the tools to improve their lifestyle and manage their weight for life.

Please email  info@evolvewellnesscentre.com or call +44 (0)20 7581 4090 for more details


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