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Divination looks through the signs on the surface to what lies beneath.

with Danny Dee

Science is finally beginning to catch up with what palmists like Paracelsus and Aristotle have known for centuries. The length of different fingers, the fingerprints, the length of the palmar creases and the positions of skin markings indicate to palmists and genetic consultants alike the physical, emotional and mental health of a person, how creative, risk-averse or impulsive they are, and how they might best apply their particular skill set to their lives. Patterns are affected by factors beginning with genetic tendencies, the balance of hormones in the womb and how a developing fetus moves its fingers, and they continue to change through life as our patterns of thought and behaviour change. The past is marked and the palm shows where things are going, but the future is not fixed. Divination shows us how to take control of it and make the most of our opportunities and challenges.

Scientifically speaking, Tarot is less easy to make sense of than Palmistry. Apparently “random” events are influenced when an observer attends to them, according to particle physicists, but I can't say I follow the maths. I got my first deck over 20 years ago, pursuing an interest in folklore and Jung, but was surprised by the sequences it threw at me and the sense of humour and intelligence in its communications. Like the internet, I don’t understand how it works, but it provides me with useful information so I use it.

Combining these two arts, I work with the numbers, elements and paths of the Tree of Life, and with my own intuition, exploring the correspondences across the spread and the palm, mapping out the various influences on your situation, offering fresh perspectives and suggesting avenues for action.

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  • Danny Dee

    Danny is a consultant member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, and Divination is his passion. He has been studying Tarot and Kabbalah for over 20 years, and Palmistry for 7 years.