free your inner voice

Enjoy vibrational fitness training in voice.

with Nikki Slade

This training is designed to keep you aligned and resonant with the dreams you wish to fulfill on throughout the year.

It’s amazing how, as a nation, we all get that to keep physically fit, it is necessary to adopt consistent practice i.e. Going to the gym or attending a regular Yoga class, and yet, when it comes down to our inner fitness, we very often tend to take one Meditation retreat or two if we are lucky, in the year, and hope for the best.

The good news is that this programme is an ongoing structure for your fulfillment for the whole year on a daily basis.

Bookings & Pricing

Please call Hanna on 07932043277 to arrange a 20 minutes complimentary discovery call to find out what is possible for you in a vocal / vibe fit training programme. Should you choose to enroll in a programme with Nikki all required information will be sent to you.


Free 20 minute discovery call with Nikki to find out your needs.


  • Nikki Slade

    Nikki Slade is a pioneer in her field with over 30 years experience.