life coaching: your authentic self + manifesting your soul mate

Find your authentic self.

with Corinne Blum

In your daily life, how often do you feel you can truly be yourself?

What many of us want in life is to be loved, accepted and seen for who we are. We want a loving, meaningful relationship and a fulfilling job and yet many of us may feel stuck, lost and confused. 

How do we become the person we know we can be? How do we meet our soulmate? How can our work be an expression of our purpose? And what is getting in the way? 

Our perspective of life, love, relationship and ourselves is seen through the lens of our beliefs. Often we are carrying limiting beliefs that we created at a very young age, defining who we are, what relationship is and what is available for us in life. By embracing our fears and insecurities, healing our wounds, connecting to our true essence and nurturing our Authentic Self we can transform our limiting beliefs into empowering ones, manifest a partner that is in alignment with our true Self and fully step into our potential and purpose.

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  • corinne blum

    Corinne Blum, MASC certified Life Coach, Mentor + Relationship Expert and co-founder of evolve. She is passionate about supporting individuals in discovering their true essence and nurturing their authentic Self so that they can create and manifest the life they truly desire.