Emotional Consciousness and Self Awareness

Holistic Therapy to support you and help you find balance and serenity.

with Dora de Almeida Prado

It is my belief that we all should have emotional education in school. No one talks or teaches us anything about it, so we grow up not knowing how to get in contact with our feelings and emotions. We don't understand them, don't know how to express them nor how to interpret other people's emotions and feelings. That's where many issues arise.

What I propose is Personal Emotional Consciousness
Making use of my skills and tools at hand I propose to assist you to explore and get in contact with your innermost soul/ personality, to become aware of your emotions and how you act, react and feel the world, layer by layer.

I absolutely trust that by knowing yourself deeply and intimately you can have better relations, better accept life situations, promote changes and make clearer choices for yourself. Ultimately, to lead better lives.

By facilitating personal Emotional Consciousness, I assist you to achieve personal mastery, autonomy, a feeling of purpose and meaning in life, and personal growth and development within a stable state of balance, allowing the creation of a lifestyle which is aligned with your core values and priorities by using Bach Flower Remedies;  ThetaHealing; Deeksha; The tuning forks; yin yoga and meditation techniques.

Emotional Consciousness and Self Awareness sessions can help you with:
cloudy mind,
irritability/ anger issues,
forging healthy relationships,
apathy and lack of motivation/ enthusiasm;
stress/ Burnout,
building self-confidence 
and much more"

This is Not coaching.Not psychotherapy. It is a Holistic Therapy to support you and help you find balance and serenity. That means that I do not analyse you, nor give you more tasks. I listen. I help you untangle the knots from your mind, and release the emotional baggage hidden under the rug. To alleviate every-day-life's pressure. No judgements, no more goals to add to your lists.

Let’s get you Balanced, Centred, Serene, Self-Assured and with a great feeling of being safe in your own life.

Booking & pricing

Please email Dora at info@doraprado.com to arrange a 15 minutes complimentary discovery call to learn about her programmes and find out what is the best path for you and your needs. Should you choose to enroll in a programme with Dora all required information will be sent to you.




  • Bach Flower Remedies (or Essences) method

    Natural Liquid Remedies that focus on human emotions, personality traits and moods. I can assist you to better know yourself, see clearly what the root causes of your mental and emotional disharmony are and how to better differentiate between essences for a seemingly similar emotion or mental state.

  • The tuning forks

    The tuning forks are tools for creating precision frequencies - and on healing modalities, they are used around the body and by the ears - during relaxation or while in meditation - to balance your nervous system, improve energy flow and promote spiritual awareness.

  • Deeksha

    A transfer of energy which frees senses from the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and feelings of love, joy, peace & inner silence. It dissolves negative life patterns, releases trauma at the cellular & energetic levels, facilitates deep emotional & physical healing.

  • ThetaHealing

    Is a mental training as well as a spiritual energy work. It uses meditation that guides you into theta brainwave and a set of techniques that assist you to identify subconscious, self-limiting beliefs, allowing you to change them and reprogram yourself, consciously, to a higher quality of life.