with steve nobel

when: saturday 15 february |1.30-6pm

price: £30 earlybird before 8/2/14 | £35 thereafter

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ― joseph campbell.

We live in interesting and volatile times. Long gone are the days of a job for life. Old jobs are disappearing and new ones are coming on line daily. We may plan a certain career path and find that life has other plans for us.

Transition points in our careers are powerful times of opportunity and possibility even though they may not seem so at the time. So long as we do not give in to feelings of helplessness and powerlessness then this time can herald not only outer change but also tremendous inner transformation. Here many of our cherished beliefs and perceptions are challenged and we can clear old limiting patterns and reframe unhelpful beliefs. The journey itself is as important as the ultimate destination for along the way we can awaken a new sense of capability and resourcefulness. We can also find a greater appreciation for emotional and spiritual intelligence. This workshop will explore how a transition period can help us:

• handle ambiguity, challenge and uncertainty;
• reconnect with our authenticity and integrity;
• rethink our choices, priorities, values;
• learn about surrender and trust;
• step into flow and synchronicity;
• move towards a new destination.

This workshop will include creative visualisations and group processes. Bring notebook and pen


Steve Nobel is an author, coach, workshop facilitator, and ex-director of Alternatives (2000-2012), a not for profit organisation based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London. He is the author of The Enlightenment of Work (Sept 2012 Watkins Publishing) and has completed his latest manuscript on Personal Transitions. Visit www.stevenobel.com for more information.

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