the grinberg method in london

The Grinberg Method is a structured way of teaching through the body.

Using touch, breath, movement and excercises, as well as techniques that increase your ability to pay attention, it teaches you to recognize and stop repetitive physical and behavioural ways of being that limit you.

grinburg method in London

It aims to allow you to go beyond these limitations, move toward what you wish for, and accomplish an actual change that appears in your life and body.


origins of the grinberg method


Avi Grinberg began studying and practicing various bodywork techniques in the early 1970’s.

After working with many clients and encountering a large range of physical conditions, he determined that the best healer a person could have was himself.

It was then that he transitioned his approach from that of being a therapist, who helped people get better, to one who teaches individuals how to be responsible for their own development, health and well-being.

He then started to develop his own method – one that teaches clients to use their individual strengths to challenge their weaknesses and express more of themselves.


one-to-one grinberg sessions :


You can approach a learning process with a physical condition that you would like to change, as well as with a recurring situation, habit or mood. The latter could include difficulties with relationships, problems managing money, an inability to express certain emotions, nervousness with interviews or exams and more.

You can also define as an aim the realization of a wish or project. All of these will be approached through the body.


In one-to-one sessions you will learn how to:

  • Quiet your mind

  • Develop your breathing capacity

  • Heighten your level of attention during a session and in life

  • Have more clarity

  • Raise your level of energy

  • Notice and affect different areas of tension and pain

  • Gain greater control of your muscles and movements

  • Recognize and stop repetitive behavior

  • Allow new and different sensations in your body

  • Have greater freedom of movement and expression

  • Allow your body to use its energy to heal itself


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