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tarot reading londonEverything arises from chaos and returns to chaos. Somehow, by mechanics I do not understand even after fifteen years of reading Tarot, meaning arises from the random process of a shuffle.

The deck itself is not random, but follows a clearly defined and internally consistent map, describing the interplay of elements and forces in the universe. Tarot focuses on this level of existence, cutting through the layer of everyday experience, where lumps of mud bash against each other endlessly, where things sometimes look confusing and meaningless.

A spread, therefore, can take you out of your normal frame of reference, and offer a completely fresh perspective on your situation, mapping out the various influences on an issue, illuminating the workings of the psyche and the universe, and suggesting clear avenues for action.

There are many tarot decks, and many approaches to tarot. I read the Thoth Tarot in a down-to-earth manner, exploring the rich symbolism with my client, explaining the relevant details of the cards and their combinations, to give an understanding of the specific issue at hand.

thoth tarot

All tarot decks have four suits pertaining to the four traditional elements of fire, 

tarot reading londonwater, air and earth. The Thoth deck, however, also incorporates the kabalistic tree of life, which describes how energy develops through the numbers from one to ten, from pure, limitless potential to solid and fixed physical manifestation.

Each card, therefore, describes a very specific point on the map of this journey down through the worlds of fire, water, air and earth.

The four elements (going up)

  • Disks correspond to Earth. This is the material world, pertaining to the money we earn, the work we do, the bodies we are clothed in and the houses we live in.
  • Swords correspond to Air. This is the mental world, where we scheme and strategize, where plans are constructed and opinions clash. This is where we study and learn, often the hard way.
  • Cups correspond to Water. This is the emotional world, where we come together, the world of love and friendship, feeling, illusion and intoxication.
  • Wands correspond to Fire. This is the spiritual world, the transformative and sometimes destructive energy moving through the other worlds. It is the source of our ambitions and passions, our pride and vitality.


The ten numbers represent different stations or spheres on the Tree of Life as energy descends through the universe, from pristine potential into solid form. As it descends, it becomes more dense, taking on more defined qualities and attributes. It becomes progressively more fixed, and also more polluted.

Each number also has a planetary correspondence, relating to the specific qualities of that sphere. At number ten, all potential is exhausted. It is the only number which is not in direct contact with central sphere, the solar sphere, which is at the centre of the tree, as the sun is at the centre of the solar system. The element has degraded into its lowest form, and the only possible next step is for it to transmute into another element to begin another cycle.

The twenty-two paths running between the ten spheres correspond to letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and to trump cards embodying the dynamic between the two spheres which they join together.

The High Priestess, for example, sits on the path between number 1, which is pure brilliance, and number 6, which is beauty, balance and perfection reflected perfectly in our world, this side of the abyss. She translates divine secrets into perfect and beautiful expressions we can understand, which is the work of the priest archetype.

your tarot reading


your tarot readingWe can do a general tarot reading, but usually there is some issue to consider when someone comes for a reading. If you have a question, you may either reveal it or keep to yourself. It could be as broad as “What is going on at work?” or as specific as “What should I do now I have lost my job?”, but whilst the cards might define the situation more clearly, I won’t tell you what to do, because your destiny is your own.

Whilst one card of the spread points to the future, I prefer to concentrate on my client’s current coordinates and bearing, which dictate what kind of future is coming up. If there are rocks on the horizon, we will look for the best way to avoid them, but you are going to have to grab the rudder.

“Brilliant. Would highly recommend. Offered a completely fresh perspective on something that I’ve been trying to work out for a very long time”

“Thank you for a very enlightening reading which made sense from the beginning and throughout”

“All has fallen into place. Many thanks”


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