jediah page

yoga flow teacher

Jed discovered the gift of Yoga in India in 1991 and has been practicing ever since .She began teaching in 2007 and continues to encourage students to explore the diversity of what lies within the practice, what comes up for us ,and how we can keep expanding the relationship to ourselves and our environment.

Jed's class is a fusion of influences ,a cocktail of asana, pranayama and meditation weaved together with essences of philosophy, mudra and mantra ,with a dash of Kriya. Jed offers mindful modifications accessible to all levels to work within their own abilities ,she encourages students to deepen the practise thru all avenues of awareness ,the breath ,the anatomy and esoteric anatomy ,the energy and simply sitting with "what Is".

Her influences include: Pathabi Jois ,Clive Sheridan ,Osho ,Jodi Blumstein ,Claire Missingham among many.