rasto klima

emotional detox therapist

After a prolific meeting with the Dalai Lama at age 23, the immediate impact sparked Rasto’s 18-year journey of training and practice in Eastern philosophy, meditation and healing techniques. He began with Indian tradition esoteric practices, then later incorporated Universal Tao Healing methods under the guidance of Mantak Chia. He is also a certified therapist in traditional Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage and Western Access Consciousness Bars. With his East meets West practices combined, Rasto has created his signature “Alipriya” Massage— tailor-made for the individual’s specific needs and steadily practiced on his extensive global client base.

Rasto’s quest for his clients’ well-being and empowerment through healing of the mind and body is his lifelong mission. By slowly removing blockages in our body at a cellular level, we can reach our full potential.