mayuri onerheim

a Diamond Approach teacher, a retired Canadian Chartered Accountant and IRS Enrolled Agent

She guided individuals and small businesses with their money issues for over 25 years  She has been on the spiritual path for 30 years, has been a Diamond Approach student since 1990 and a teacher since 2002.

In the last few years, she has developed and taught – The Logos Of Money – to assist people with a better understanding of money, its role in our lives and our issues and concerns around money. She has conducted workshops in Diamond Approach groups in the continental US, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and the United Kingdom as well as the Esalen Institute and Sukhasiddhi Foundation, a Tibetan Buddhist Center in the Kagyu Lineage, and in the Sufi community.

“When I quit my accounting practice to focus on my Diamond Approach teaching, I didn’t realize that I would actually be called to combine the two. This workshop is a way for me to marry my money experience to my Spiritual teaching in a way the has proved valuable  for the people who have taken my workshop. Many have called it life changing. Without understanding our money issues, I believe we will be unable to bring our spiritual realization into the world as money is embedded in absolutely everything we do. Even more importantly,  with the move from a bubble to a real economy, we are entering a paradigm shift the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime, and one that humanity has not seen for over 400 years. It is probable that the wildcards that our economic system have been dealt will radically change the future and support the evolution of humanity both culturally and spiritually. For us as individuals, we can participate in this evolution by changing ourselves. What that will require is a shift in responsibility and a shift in consciousness around money."