emily victoria

hatha yoga teacher

Emily teaches Himalayan Hatha Yoga, a hatha yoga based on traditional principles. It is strong, energising and supportive and works through the entire body, cleansing and revitalising it through special sequencing. Her classes have a particular focus on the breath, alignment and muscle engagement and in keeping the mind challenged.

After several years as a corporate lawyer and global explorer, Emily found herself still searching for something more. It was during some particularly challenging years as a lawyer in London that she began to experience the profound effects yoga was having on her - physically, mentally and spiritually. That something could have such a holistic effect made her curious to learn more ...

Emily has since trained extensively with yoga master Yogi Ashokananda in London and India and now practices and teaches Himalayan Hatha Yoga, prana kriya yoga, meditation and reiki full-time in London.

Emily continues to follow her passion for yoga and is inspired through her self-practice, students and on-going study. She loves to share the profound possibilities yoga can bring with anyone keen to learn.