patricia carlota

Gong master

Patricia Carlota is passionate about the sound of the gong and related sound tools. She specialises in the use of high quality gongs and has studied with Sheila Whitaker at The College of Sound Healing, Don Conreaux, Tone of Life, and Mehatab Brenton.

Her sessions explore the perception of our inner and outer environments through observation, breathing, listening, feeling and sensing, before being immersed in the vibrational field and sonic universe of the gongs and related sound healing tools.

As a believer in a compassionate world, Patricia approaches the Gong Bath as a spiritual tool. Her intention is to create a sacred space where participants explore the sonic landscape of vibration, connect with essence, heart space and intuition, expand consciousness, experience each moment to the fullest, and entrain to harmony.

She currently works with a 38-inch Paiste Symphonic gong, a 32-inch Paiste Mercury gong, a 36-inch Meinl Wu Xing gong, a 38-inch Paiste Sound Creation Earth gong, a 24-inch Synodic Moon gong, a 22-inch Tone Of Life Dance gong, multiple singing bowls, shamanic percussion, shruti box, voice, cactus rainsticks, and various bells, rattles, shakers, and chimes.