mira khreino

vinyasa flow yoga teacher

Mira is a London based yoga teacher. Her energetic and invigorating style transitions breath-led alignment-based asanas seamlessly in creative sequences. She is poetic, authentic and grounded, yet playful and light. Her days as the Anatomy and Physiology Teacher Trainer on the Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training course inform the way she facilitates her students to achieve stability and depth in postures, intelligently and safely.

Having worked in mental health prior to becoming a full time yoga teacher, she threads her deep knowledge of psychology with classical yoga philosophy beautifully to encourage and support her students' physical health, mental wellbeing and personal growth.

Mira’s own practice has played a transformational role in her life, being a source of physical strength, resilience, mental clarity, emotional stability, self-awareness, presence and connection. She is dedicated to passing the lessons she has learned. Her passion for teaching yoga is evident in all her classes and she is ever grateful to all her teachers and students for their ongoing support.

Mira has a BA in Psychology, an MSc in Mental Health Studies, King's College, London and a Certificate in Positive Psychology, City University, London. As well as teaching yoga, she is a Self-Development Coach and Wellbeing Writer and has worked in Psychology, Wellbeing, and Yoga for over 15 years.
Her classes are positive, inspiring and empowering and she is enthusiastic about personal flourishing both on the mat and off.