mieke kreeftenberg

yoga teacher and iceman breathwork event's facilitator

Mieke is a qualified Yoga Therapist (The Minded Institute) and has been teaching the renowned Yoga Therapy for The Mind 8 Week Course and her own Vitality Program at Evolve for the past 3 years now.

Mieke travelled to Poland two years ago to spend one week with Iceman Wim Hof and this inspired her and has influenced her teaching.

While training to become a Yoga Therapist with the Minded Institute Mieke found out through one of her fellow students about TRE. She had been interested in modalities for releasing the PSOAS muscle for a long time and a few years before her introduction to TRE followed workshops with, the mother of the PSOAS muscle, Liz Koch.

The PSOAS muscle is very much related to our fight and flight mechanism and also called the second muscle in the body to contain emotions, after the heart. When Mieke first experienced the TRE and the strong PSOAS release she found it to be the answer to what she had been looking for.

She enrolled in a level 1 training in the Netherlands in 2013 and soon after completing that continued to train as a level 2 TRE practitioner in the UK and got her qualification. Mieke has been working with clients using TRE extensively over the years and keeps taking workshops with founder David Berceli where possible.


upcoming classes

Monday, 10 Aug 2020

10:00 - 11:00