aran dharmeratnam

Tri Tier: Self defence, life coaching, movement skills and awareness training.

Aran Dharmeratnam is an internationally known martial art master who specialises in personal safety, mind body training and resilience coaching. With a background in the security sector and a degree in Law and Criminology, Aran helps people to increase their awareness, flow around obstacles, and access their intuition. Senior executives, celebrities, athletes and other high profile figures are amongst those who study with him.

They use his training methods to learn how to protect themselves and understand more about strategy or handling pressure. Aran also has a deep knowledge of exercises to increase energy levels, enhance concentration and movement skills.

He founded the Tri Tier method as a way to help people connect with stillness and be able to maintain it even when faced with fast moving events or the unexpected. As Aran says: "It's about being creative, resourceful and unconventional..."