gordon coxon

Experience the powerful healing sounds of the gong.

Gordon Coxon spent the early part of his musical career as a drummer and percussionist working with such luminaries as the mime artist Lindsay Kemp, the Velvet Underground's John Cale and punk star Toyah Wilcox.  He later ran an improvising electronic jazz combo, the Space Cadets, and, more recently,  began composing and recording music that incorporates the sounds of nature, notably birdsong, along with material such as Shamanic poetry and Buddhist chant.

Gordon was drawn to the gong several years ago through a deepening involvement in yoga and meditation and it has since become his main sphere of interest. He studies with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux - the world's foremost authority on the gong – and offers gong baths regularly in group sessions and on a one-to-one basis in London, Brighton, across southern England and elsewhere. 

He currently employs a magnificent 42 inch Cosmo gong, a beautiful 32 inch Paiste symphonic gong, a mysterious 32 inch Paiste sound creation earth gong, a 28 inch Chinese wind gong, 22 inch Dance gong, temple cymbals, singing bowl and chimes.