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sat 20/08 – thu 25/08 mona heep dynamic yoga retreat in tuscany



upcoming retreats with the way of nature

Man under stars

fri 22/07 – sun 24/07 the quadrangle trust, kent forest family camp
thu 08/09 – sun 11/09 the amiata, southern tuscany, italy into the mountains men’s retreat
mon 10/10 – sun 16/10 the amiata, southern tuscany, italy the big retreat

evolve’s approach to retreats for the mind, body and spirit

evolve’s retreats are unique because we take a very holistic approach to them. We care about nurturing the soul, strengthening the body and inspiring the mind through yoga, meditation and talks but we also like to add the element of the environment.  We look to find retreat spaces that are ethically minded, environmentally friendly and culturally rich.

Yoga means union. If we bring awareness to ourselves, our environment and the community around us, we can truly create unity.


please see our meditation and yoga retreat details below:


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what are the things to look for when choosing a yoga, meditation or wellbeing retreat?


A retreat will be as relaxing, rejuvenating and fun as you want to make it. For some people retreats are a holiday. For others it is a vehicle for growth and transformation. There is no right or wrong way. What we recommend is that it is something that really calls you!


Some things to think about when you choosing the perfect yoga, meditation or wellbeing retreat for you:


  • A good retreat for you should be in a place that inspires you to want to take care of yourself and make time for you.
  • The teacher is an instrumental part of the retreat so we suggest that you take a class with them and see how you like them.
  • Make sure it is at a time when you can really take time off. You might not be able to switch off completely but the more you can set aside that precious time for yourself, the more you will get out of it.



evolve hosts a variety of other self growth and yoga programmes and classes. Please click on the links to learn more:


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