into the mountains men's retreat in tuscany

Find the wild man hidden inside over the five full days in the wilderness of Tuscany.

with Way of Nature

It’s time to find the wild man hidden inside. Not sitting in front of computer screens thinking about it, but getting out there to light fires, roar up mountains and look deep into yourself as a man.

There couldn’t a better moment to ask real questions about masculinity and what it means for who we are and our place in the world. It’s not always easy to know what the answers are, but this expedition is the chance to find out.

Over four full days, we will scramble over mountains, swim in wild places, catch fish, light fires, and go deep into ancient warrior practices that take us to our edges and beyond.

We will drop into a more natural harmony with the sun, the moon and our surroundings, visit a dormant volcano and swathes of forest, pay a night time visit to some hot springs and every evening search out a beautiful new spot to camp.

The expedition will culminate in 24 hours spent on your own in the wild, a unique chance to reconnect with your wild man inside, alone with all of Nature to support you.

Expect to rediscover and reconnect with all the different parts of yourself, and afterwards, take home a new sense of balance in your own life, knowing more about who you want to be and how you want to lead your life.

Please note: This journey will be physically challenging. Expect to learn new practices for living in the wild, and to carry all of the food and shelter you will need for four days.

8 SEP 2016 - 11 SEP 2016


From £475