nutritional therapy with charlotte watts

A consultation is an investigative process where we discuss all aspects of your diet, lifestyle and history to find the most effective, practical and enjoyable changes for your life.

You are supported to explore the dietary and lifestyle factors that can realistically support you for life.

Price includes a copy of The De-Stress Diet book, yoga videos and full email support between consultations as your queries arise.

An emphasis on Mindfulness helps you connect intuitively with what you need for good quality of life.

Charlotte helps to find the best routines, habits and strategies for your best health – not just when you are ‘being good’ but also when stress hits. Tests for adrenal, digestion and immune health can be discussed for best results.


I like your style, flexibility and generosity. You have showed great empathy and for the first time I feel someone is listening to me and the troubles I have been having for so long.  I like the way that you back this up with real science and this gives me confidence that we’re on the right path.”
philip, worthing.


Practicing since 2000 and winner of the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice 2012, charlotte is also author of books including The De-Stress Diet. She lectures in nutrition and is also a 500 hour trained yoga teacher.

price: £60 | 60 minutes or £280 package of 3 (3.5 hours total over 3 months)

availability: on request

to make an appointment: or 07776137390


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