movement therapy in london

We store all of our memory and experience in our bodies and often when words and processing cannot fully unlock an issue, moving through the body has a tremendous effect. Movement Therapy focuses on getting out of the mind and dropping into the body where we can form a relationship to the part that knows how we feel and what we want, rather than the mind’s limited capacity of “thinking” about what we feel.

Giving a voice to a feeling, memory or trauma through movement releases it from the body, allowing us to reclaim our natural state and bring in  new energy that is in alignment with who we are.

the benefits of movement therapy


  • Releases stress, anxiety, trauma and any emotional blockages
  • Supports the healing of injuries and health issues
  • Provides grounding, stability and confidence



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initial session:
60 min | £110*
coaching and movement therapy:
90 min | £165

monday-friday, please enquire

or call 07794905232


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