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Meditation is a wonderful tool for slowing down the mind and finding inner calm and peace. The busyness of London with an urban-paced lifestyle can leave our minds racing and pacing sometimes with no relief. Meditation is a great way to feel grounded, de-stress and build a positive relationship with your mind, body and heart.

There are many techniques and styles of meditation. We believe that whatever form feels right for you is the one that will work best. We invite you to come take your seat, take a few deep breaths and explore your own inner world.

We offer weekly meditation classes, one to one sessions and daylong meditation retreats here at evolve. No need to fly to India or Tibet, take your seat and find inner calm and peace in the middle of London.


evolve’s upcoming meditation retreats:

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meditation retreats abroad

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evolve hosts a variety of other self growth and yoga programmes and classes. Please click on the links to learn more:


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