massage therapy in london

evolve offers a variety of massage therapy or treatment in London:

hawaiian lomi lomi massage
hawaiian pregnancy massage
holistic / swedish / deep tissue and back neck and shoulder massages
sports massage
indian head massage
relaxation massage
massage + cranio sacral therapy


hawaiian lomi lomi massage


Authentic lomi lomi from Hawaii is more than just a physical massage it is a lomilomi massage at  evolveholistic healing treatment using body work and intention. It is given with the practitioner’s full focus in the Hawaiian spirit of aloha, harmonising the mind body & spirit. Lomi lomi massage is a deeply relaxing massage, excellent for releasing the physical, mental and emotional stress that can be caused by modern living.

For more information please visit Zanna’s website:

For more information on lomi lomi massage please click here.


sports massage


Sports massage specialises in the prevention and treatment of injuries through the assessment and manipulation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It helps to maintain and/or restore balance to the muscular skeletal system, promotes relaxation, stimulates circulation, and produces a therapeutic effect on all the body systems. Treatment focuses on the area of the body that requires the attention, as in the muscles relevant to the athletic activity, specific areas of tightness and pain or areas relating to injury.

Despite the name, this massage is not only for those engaged in athletic pursuits. Sports Massage can benefit many, including people in physically demanding jobs, people who carry out repetitive movements and those suffering from stress – be it occupational, emotional or postural. It is also useful in treating minor injuries to the muscular skeletal system, and can assist in recovering from old injuries. Zanna Parkinson provides sports massage in london at evolve.


back, neck + shoulder massage


for more information on Zanna Parkinson or to make a booking for a lomi-lomi massagepregnancy massage, swedish massage or back, neck and shoulder massage  please see details below:


Zanna Parkinson Lomi Lomi and Pregnancy Massage Therapist at evolve

zanna parkinson

price :




availability :
to book : 

hawaiian lomi lomi kahuna massage
90 min | £95    (please allow 2 hours)
hawaiian lomi lomi for pregnancy
60 min | £70
holistic/swedish massage    60 min | £70
back, neck + shoulder massage   30 min | £40

thursdays, 5-9pm + on call

please call evolve at 020 7581 4090

indian head massage


Indian head massage originated from a system of holistic care known as Ayurveda (circa 1800BC) relying on the philosophy that massage forms part of an essential routine to promote balanced health and wellbeing. The treatment, undertaken in a seated position, can include massage to upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp.

elaine McIntyre

elaine mcintyre

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availability : 

to book : 

20 min | £25
30 min | £35
60 min | £55 w/reiki

on request

please call 07949 546681



relaxation massage

with clare daniell

The perfect complement to yoga, Clare’s Ayurvedic Holistic massage helps you to

a) understand your Ayurvedic body type increasing your understanding of what works and what doesn’t on the yoga mat for you.
b) relieves overworked muscles, allowing your muscle groups to work together more effectively while practising asana.
c) relaxes and releases the lines of energy, and energy junctions, that run through the body providing you with more access to the prana that supports the practice and your life.

In addition regular massage aids circulation by helping to expel what the body is ready to let go of. It helps the digestive system by maintaining proper movement. It can induce sleep, increase the appetite and generally make life more comfortable and joyful.

 clare is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and cofounder of  ReCentre-health, yoga & pilates studio in South London.  Specialising in relaxation & meditation, through movement and body work, Clare studied massage at schools in London and New York, initially to aid her understanding of anatomy, but resulting in a love of the practice of massage. Creating space where holistic peace can be found on a cellular level in the body, Clare combines practices of Ayurvedic massage, marma therapy and Holistic massage with her Reiki practice to provide a deeply relaxing experience. Qualified as a 500 Hr yoga teacher, Clare is a happy geek about functional anatomy. For more information please visit

Clare cropped

clare daniell

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availability :

to book : 

60 min | £75
90 min | £100

friday afternoon / evening
sunday afternoon

please call clare on 07979 741 321


massage + cranio sacral therapy

with sandra gillespie

sandra’s speciality is stress relief: physical, mental and emotional. she blends a range of approaches – massage, myofascial release,  acupressure, aromatherapy, breathwork, mindfulness and craniosacral therapy – to provide bespoke bodymind treatments to help you feel more embodied and at ease with and within yourself.





  • calms nervous system
  • alleviates physical, emotional, and mental stress
  • reduces muscular pain
  • increases body awareness


 “A stress-relief specialist with healing hands” ~ tatler magazine


sandra gillespie has been practising massage since 1998 and craniosacral therapy since 1999. she trained in the states, canada and uk. her research interests include psychophysiology, somatic re-patterning, and neuroplasticity. She has enjoyed working at well-known clinics and spas internationally and at beautiful yoga retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Italy and Costa Rica. She currently provides home and clinic-based sessions in London and Paris. Please visit her website for further information



sandra gillespie

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availability : 

to book : 

60 min | £80
90 min | £120
120 min | £160

by appointment

phone: 07961996875