evolve is very pleased to be able to introduce 2 new holistic personal trainers who will be working with us:

Ladan Soltani

Paul Huntingford

ladan soltani

One on one training is so much more powerful, as it is personalised to your individual needs and goals. I can be very flexible and work intuitively to give you what I feel your body needs in your session. One session of fitness training is equivalent to doing 3 sessions of workouts on your own as I really pay special attention to technique and mind discipline.

  • Personalised fitness program to meet your needs
  • Strengthen your core & back
  • Tone, sculpt & condition your whole body
  • Transform your body & mind and get amazing results


“Never before have I experienced such a motivational fitness professional as Ladan.  I’ve always struggled to stay interested in strengthening and toning exercised.  But, Ladan’s driving force – a mix of inspiring, interesting and varied exercises, as well as her deep knowledge and sense of fun – means I never want to miss her class.”   Charlotte

“Your work-out is simply brilliant and is dramatically changing my body.  I had an awful jelly like bit on my tummy from having a baby and just haven’t been able to get rid of it.  Slowly but surely it’s starting to tighten up and it’s so exciting!  I used to have a lovely flat tummy and I’ve so missed it!  So, once again, thank you! ”   Angelina

Ladan is a highly recognised expert in her field for 24 years. All her fitness programs are aired on SKY and other global TV networks.

For information or to make a booking please see details below:


price :  60 mins at evolve | £90
               6o mins home visit (local) | £100

availability : ad hoc

to book : please call evolve at 020 7581 4090


paul huntingford


Paul prides himself on tailoring his sessions to meet the specific needs of each client. One to one training should be about the journey and the destination. It is key to consider both when progressing with a fitness program. A one to one session will not only help you reach your fitness goals quickly but taking a holistic view will encourage lifestyle changes to stay.

  • Personalised varied fitness program to meet your needs
  • Form healthy and sustainable habits for mind, body and soul
  • Gain strength, increase energy and lose body fat
  • Holistic strategies for exercise, nutrition and mindset to create and enhance change


Paul is one of the most positive people I have ever met. His energy, friendly manner and expertise make every training session a pleasure. He re-energises my week and sets me back on track during each session, is never judgmental but kind and understanding, whilst at the same time driving me hard. I can honestly say I look forward to and enjoy each session. His enthusiasm for training (and for life!) is hugely motivating. He helps me to think through my goals, both exercise and nutrition, and challenges me to make changes. I feel very fortunate to train with Paul and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a personal trainer”  Clare

“Working with Paul will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a personalised and unique approach to fitness training you do not need to look any further. I have been training with Paul for over 18 months now; it has dramatically changed my life. It is difficult to fully describe how highly I rate Paul both professionally and personally. To date, I have lost 24kg and still going strong. The achievement so far is a testament to Paul’s approach to health and fitness. His techniques used are especially unique and tailored to his clients individually” Laura

Paul is passionate about helping people to change and enhance their life. He believes exercise and nutrition are powerful tools and by using it constructively, we can help transform the way we feel about the world. Paul sees it as a privilege to use his experience, passion and knowledge to help inspire his clients to instigate change in their lives for the better, no matter how big or small the change. Some changes happen fast and some slow but with continued action and dedication, they happen.  Paul is a keen endurance eventer, completing the marathon, duathlons, numerous triathlons and cycling sportives both here and abroad, raising money for the British Heart Foundation in the process.

For information or to make a booking please see details below:


price : 60 mins at evolve | £90
              6o mins home visit (local) | £100

availability : ad hoc

to book : please call evolve at 020 7581 4090


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