with corinne blum

when: tuesdays | 6:30-8:30pm
4 sessions: april 16, 30 | may 7, 14

price: £15 in advance | £20 on the day |  £48 for all 4 sessions

We live in a culture 
that unfortunately does not support vulnerability. We equate vulnerability with weakness, pain, shame and fear. Society demands us to be tough, unshakable and perfect and vulnerability has no place in any of these.

But we have misinterpreted what it means to be vulnerable. The true meaning of the word isn’t about weakness it is about courage, freedom and truth. It is the key to happiness and the connections we long for in life; with ourselves, our relationships and with life itself. 


In this two-hour workshop series we will look at:

  • the truth + illusion of vulnerability
  • the obstacles that keep us from being vulnerable
  • the courage to live from a powerfully vulnerable place
  • embodying vulnerability
  • moving from “not enough” to “enough”


“It was a great workshop. Empowering. Corinne created a safe and nurturing environment for us to speak.”
Karen, London

corinne blum is a certified Life Coach, Mentor + Relationship Expert and cofounder of evolve. She has a great passion for helping individuals feel self-empowered and stepping into their fullest potential. Corinne leads courses, workshops, women’s circles and sees clients one-on-one. She has created the programmes The Authentic Self, Authentic Relationships, Manifesting Your Soulmate and Stepping Into Your Full Potential. For more information visit: www.corinneblum.com

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